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Has your home seen better days? Whether it’s damage from wind or a storm or just a worn-out shingles or you need a new paint job or gutters that are making your home look worse for the wear, or causing damage, you can count on Blackhawk Roofing LLC for Collierville Tennessee Roofing contractor. We’re a top roofing, painting, and guttering contractor in the Memphis, TN area. We can replace your roof or missing shingles, paint your home inside and out and fix or replace your gutters. Recently, due to the pandemic, we want to protect our customers, so we’ve added an alliance with EcoPro Services to help protect you and your family. If you need a new asphalt shingle or flat roof, you can trust us to install it. Call or text us at (901) 545-3301 now to get more information about our roofing, guttering, and painting services today!

New Roof Cost?

A new roof is a huge investment for anyone and it’s a purchase we don’t always consider, or plan for. There is confusion around exactly how much new roofs cost. At Blackhawk Roofing LLC we have sought to clear up the confusion surrounding the expense of new roofs and outline some of the factors that affect the cost.

Factors that affect new roof price:

  • The size– The average Memphis roof is between 2500-3000 square feet. A base price for a laminated shingled roof in the Memphis area is around $350- $415 per 100 square feet. That means a 3000 square foot roof is around $10,000 – $13,000.
  • The pitch or “steepness”– In Memphis, city homes tend to be not as steep as the suburbs that surround the outskirts of the city because of their age and current building trends. Homes in the inner city are usually older and less steep. Whereas new homes have roofs are near vertical in steepness. Steepness positively correlates with increased cost, as the roof is more perilous for crews to move around on, therefore increasing the price of labor.
  • Ventilation – Different attic ventilation styles come with several different perks, albeit a variety of costs to match. Consult with the experts at Blackhawk Roofing to learn more!

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What is Considered Roof Damage?

Symptoms of roof damage are water leaks in your attic or cracked shingles. For insurance claims or warranties, you need to distinguish between features of your roof getting old vs. what was caused by damage.

How Do I Know if My Roof Has Storm Damage?

Depending on where you live, the number and severity of storms can vary greatly. In the upper Midwest, us locals are familiar with severe thunderstorms, high winds, and potential hailstorms or tornadoes. When a severe storm occurs, you need to know how to inspect your property properly.

Roof damage will appear as:

  • Cracked or crumbling chimney
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged shingles
  • Damaged vents
  • Sagging areas and/or pooling rainwater

These are indications that your roof is damaged and in need of repair or replacement.

Can Roof Damage be Repaired?

Yes! Often, if your roof is within its lifespan, and the damage is not catastrophic, the roof can be repaired. However, severe roof damage effecting the integrity of a structure or damage to an old roof, will likely need complete replacement. Your best opportunity during that scenario is to have the professionals at Blackhawk Roofing LLC, inspect your roof and consult with you about your options.

Collierville Tennessee Roofing contractorWhat to do if You Have Roof Damage

If you have roof damage, you can take a few critical steps to ensure it gets repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

1) Document Everything

Survey your property and photograph anything that seems relevant. We will do a thorough inspection, but always ensure you have before photos for any insurance or warranty claims.

2) Schedule an Inspection

Call Blackhawk Roofing LLC for a professional inspection of your roof.

3) File an Insurance Claim

Always begin this long and complex process first. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the experts at Blackhawk Roofing any questions you may have.

4) Schedule Repairs with Blackhawk Roofing

Act quickly and let us repair your roof for the most affordable cost in Memphis. Time will only serve to exacerbate the damage your roof sustained. Blackhawk Roofing will jump right into action, delivering you exceptional service at an affordable cost.

6) Enjoy Your Roof!

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